About Me

I have been living in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina for 9 years and have been in the field for many years and loving every minute of it.

Experienced Full Stack Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Highly dependable IT guy and enthusiastic team player dedicated to streamlining processes and efficiently resolving issues. A Java guru and skilled in Apache projects such as Phoenix, MLib, Tika, Hadoop, Zookeeper, HBase, Spark, Solr, Kafka and Amazon Web Services & Cloud products.


Master's Degree in Computer Science 2016 - 2018

Department of Computer Science/Information Systems, Master of Science in Computer Science and Information Systems with Focus on Big Data, The University of Buckingham, Buckingham, England.

Master's Degree in Computer Science 2016 - 2018

Department of Computer Science/Information Systems, Master of Science in Computer Science and Information Systems with Focus on Big Data, Sarajevo School of Science and Technology, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Web Tool for Creating Educational/Therapeutic Programmes

IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers · Sep 1, 2019

Research has shown technology fosters learning environments that stimulate improved academic performance, learners' satisfaction and completion rates. For this reason, an increasing number of researchers focus on the development of tools and applications that support the learning process of children. The tool presented here is a web application for educators, therapists, parents, and children with and without disabilities. The core concept of this tool is aiding professionals in creating relevant educational content and motivating children by presenting learning materials and tasks in a modern, relevant and motivating way. A pilot study was performed with five professionals, daily delivering instruction to children, mostly diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, at an NGO in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The study findings show a general positive attitude towards the use of the web tool in the classroom and its functionalities for creating teaching material.
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Online Platform for Early Detection of Child Backlog in the Development

Advanced Technologies, Systems, and Applications III: Proceedings of the International Symposium on Innovative and Interdisciplinary Applications of Advanced Technologies (IAT), Volume 2 · Jan 1, 2019

Early diagnosis and efficient interventions through educational methods may result in significant progress in early detection of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The platform presented in this pa-per represents an on-line and web application for children, in particular children with Autism spectrum disorder. We hope it will help improve their self-esteem, in-crease their communication and leadership skills. The core concepts of this platform are to help children get rid of impairment of concentration and improve their self-confidence.
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Maestral Solutions - Mistral

Software Engineer March 2018 - Current

  • Full-Stack Java Engineer.
  • React, Vue front-end.
  • Providing cutting edge solutions such as Spring Boot, Docker, Kafka, Redis, AWS, Continuous Delivery, etc...
  • Creating & maintaining high load distributed services.
  • Being a full-stack developer including DevOps.
  • Being a team leader. Being able to define, prioritize and distribute tasks in cooperation with Product Owner.
  • Being proactive.
  • Being able to create and provide solutions to help the client decide what is best.
  • Being able to work alone and with a team.
  • Giving performance feedback to the team.
  • Internet of Insurance - DAIS is a cloud-based distribution platform that tightly connects agencies and carriers. It creates transparency between carriers and agents so they can work together on the policies that really matter.
    WBU Portal - STC is a digital channel for STC wholesale customers. It allows them to interact with STC wholesale to provide better customer experience through automating the processes and provide easy interface. A faster way to get information about latest STC products & prices.
    ExamMed - Treehouse Holdings is a telehealth company that provides customized, modular HIPAA-compliant virtual video visits to patients and offers providers an ideal patient-centred, complete model of care, both virtual and in-office.
    Hcareers , a Virgil Holdings company, founded its roots as a hotel job board in 1998. Since then, the company has evolved into a real-time, tech-first solution for both employers and professionals in North America's burgeoning hospitality industry and takes great pride in being the largest community of hospitality talent at 5.7 million members and growing. We are a trusted resource backed by a team of experienced people who are whole-heartedly focused on helping address the industry's greatest challenges, which are talent acquisition and career management. This is what makes us the preferred destination for both hospitality employers looking to secure the best talent in the industry and hospitality professionals looking to build and manage a successful career.
    KasamaKA - FINTQ is a cost-efficient, convenient, secured, and transparent shared services platform to expand banks and non-banks' reach to the unbanked and underserved markets, providing microsavings, microinsurance, microinvestments, and lending to all Filipinos. KasamaKA Microinsurance.


Full-Stack Java Developer November 2016 - February 2018

  • Full-Stack Developer for Go2Balkan project.
    Go2Balkan is an online booking accommodation, arranging events, meetings and searching restaurants platform using Spring Framework with POJO, DAO, Hibernate, DWR and CRUD services. Go2Balkan offers hundreds of thousands of accommodation options, restaurants, meetings and events in all balkan countries with service and support in many languages. Go2Balkan is a reliable and easy-to-use website and app that allows instant confirmation within a secure system.


Android Programmer June 2016 - October 2016


Intern, Researcher, Programmer & Tester June 2015 - September 2015

  • Working with a small team of developers to brainstorm and implement ideas.
  • Application improving, coding and creating new suitable applications for the platform.
  • Fixing trivial and minor bugs of Smartface IDE.